Chairman of Department:  

Name:               Dr. J S Saini

Designation:     Professor  & Chairman

Phone:               0130- 2484124

E-mail -id:

The Department offers a four years Bachelor degree programme in Electrical Engineering and two years Master degree programmes in Electrical Engineering with specializations ‘Instrumentation and Control Engineering’ and ‘Power Systems’. The faculty has rendered useful services in the shape of Consultancy to Industry / Public sector undertakings such as ‘Transmission Line Losses Studies’, ‘Testing of Motors’, Energy Audit etc. Facilities also exist for providing expert consultancies in the fields of design of electrical transmission systems, fuzzy control systems & self-tuning control systems design, genetic algorithms based optimization, power flow studies. The Department has well-equipped and spacious laboratories with all modern facilities for experimentation at U.G., P.G. and Ph.D. levels.

Mission and Vision of the Department

Vision : To achieve excellence in teaching and research in electrical engineering by futuristic technical inputs, sensitization on environmental issues & by imbibing human values and entrepreneurial skills.

Mission:- To evolve future-­centered enlightened & enterprising technocrats in electrical engineering who will serve the electrical engg. Industry & the society at large with their knowledge, skills & passion for a wholesome world.

M.Tech. (Power  systems) Educational Objectives (PEOs):

Electrical Engineering Department has derived its programme educational objectives (PEOs) from the objectives of the Deenbandhu Chhotu  Ram University of Science & Technology, Murthal (Sonepat) which are restated as follows:

PEO1    Our graduates will be able to apply their technical knowledge and take on higher responsibilities in industry, academics and diverse fields of Electrical engineering.

PEO2.  They will be in a position to pursue a continual path of professional development, interspersed with advanced education and continuing enhancement programs, relevant to their specific career goals.

PEO3. They will be able to channelize their knowledge base, business links and social contacts into socially beneficial activities.

PEO4 To create an academic environment where all are involved, and where teaching & learning are both a pleasure and are seen as positive gain.

B.Tech. Electrical Engg

M.Tech. Power System

M.Tech. IC

Major Infrastructure (Hardware & Software):

  1. a) Hardware Development Module NI
  2. b) Labview and add on boards
  3. c) Three Phase Power Quality Monitor
  4. d) Dspace 103
  5. e) DSO
  6. f) MATLAB along with 16 Toolboxes
  8. h)  Pilot Plant
  9. i)   A.C./ D.C. Drive
Name of Faculty Member Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr. J.S. Saini Professor Ph.D. Control & Instrumentation, Intelligent Control, Fuzzy Logic Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Chaotic Systems
Dr. D.K. Jain Professor Ph.D. Power Systems,  Electric Power Quality, Electric Machines
Dr. S.K. Gupta Professor Ph.D. Power System Dynamics & Control, FACTS, Deregulation
Dr. Surender Dahiya Professor Ph.D. Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Electric Power Quality
Sh. Sandeep Nandrajog Associate Professor B.E. Electrical Engg., Entrepreneurship Development, Career Counseling, Organizational Development, Educational Technology
Sh. Mukesh Kumar Associate Professor B.Tech. Electrical Engg.
Sh. Ajay Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Ph.D. Instrumentation, Optimal Control, Control Systems, Microcontroller & Microprocessor
Dr. Mukhtiar Singh* Assistant Professor Ph.D. Power Systems, SCADA
Mrs. Sanju Saini Assistant Professor Ph.D. Control Systems, Instrumentation, Neural Networks, Chaos Theory
Dr.. Naresh Yadav Assistant Professor Ph.D. Power Systems, Deregulation, Protection, Custom Power Devices
Sh. Rajneesh Pawar Assistant Professor  Ph.D. Fuzzy Logic, GA’s, Control System, Power System, Energy Audit
Dr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D DSP, Image Processing, Power Quality
Sh. Rohtash Assistant Professor Ph.D. Advanced Control Systems
Ms. Deepika Assistant Professor M.Tech Power Systems
Mr. Ravi Assistant Professor Ph.D. pursuing Power Systems,  Electric Power Quality, Electric Machines
Mr. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D. pursuing
Dr. Naresh Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D Power Systems
Sh. Deepesh Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D. pursuing Deregulation in Power System Electrical Machine Power System

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