Chairperson of Department:

Name:                  Prof.  R.  Singh

Designation:       Professor

Phone No.:         0130-2484125




To facilitate and promote studies and research in emerging areas of Mechanical Engineering, and also to achieve excellence in the connected domain.


To achieve excellence in education and research in Mechanical Engineering and related interdisciplinary domain; and to produce engineers/technocrats with sound base of technical know-how & know- why and to equip them with the ability to integrate Indian values with global ethos.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) for B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

  1. To prepare the academic background of the graduates for a rewarding career in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. To impart intellectual capabilities with ethical and moral values necessary for professional success.
  3. To develop sound knowledge base and competency in domain skill-set in the graduates for professional excellence with innovative and leadership acumen in Mechanical Engineering industries.
  4. To prepare graduates to undertake higher degree and research in specific areas of mechanical engineering.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) for M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

  1. To enhance necessary analytical capability and research flavour by introducing courses on advance numerical techniques including finite element methods and associated software(MATLAB, ANSYS) ,BOND GRAPH technique and simulation etc.
  2. To develop sound knowledge base with philosophical temperament and attitude with emphasis on know-why by introducing core mechanical engineering subjects such as advanced thermodynamics, advanced fluid mechanics, designing of mechanical system etc.
  3. To brace student with latest developments and new technology in the area of interest by making the M. Tech. teaching scheme elective based to facilitate students to decide on the broad area of specialization and topic of interest.
  4. To develop confidence to approach a research problem with fair degree of novelty by comprehending the above skills by a full one semester thesis work.
  5. To develop practical skills to design experimentation, data acquisition and presentation, data reduction and interpretation.
  6. To get acquainted with the state of art computational tools, techniques and related software.
  7. To prepare the students to be successful engineers or managers for meeting the global industrials requirements and to solve wide range of problems.
Name of Course Total Seats Duration
B. Tech. 60+12 4 years
M.Tech. 36 2 years
Class Rooms : VS- 210, 305,306,307, MV-416Smart Class Room: VS-212Drawing Halls : MV-213,311Labs : FM, F M/C, EC, ICE, SOM, KOM, DOM, RAC, HMT, EME, I&C, MS, CAD, Mechatronics, M&I, ANT&C

Computers : CAD lab- 60 Computers

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  • Mechatronics Training kit
  • Educational Robot Training system
  • CNC Lathe and Milling Trainers
  • Pneumatic & Electro Pneumatic Training kit
  • Hydraulic & Electro-hydraulic Training kit


  • Vibration Rotor Kit
  • Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope (20 MHz)
  • Two Channel Portable FFT Analyzer
  • Two Channel Oscilloscope


  • Four Stroke 4-Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig
  • Four Stroke 2-Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig
  • Computerized Single Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine


  • Boost and Fire Software for Engine and Flow Study
  • Auto Cad Educational Set For Mechanical Engineers
  • MATLAB, ANSYS, Automation studio, IDEAS,
  • Robot (Scorebase Software) ,
  • Deform 3D


  • Hardness Testing Machines
  • Computerized UTM
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Air Conditioner Test Rig
  • Absorption Refrigeration Test Rig
  • Double Compressor Air Conditioning Test Rig
  • Steam Turbine Test Rig
  • Francis, Kaplan and Pelton Turbine Test Rigs
  • Metallurgical microscope with image analysis system


  • Dedicated Research Lab
  • Journal bearing test rig
  • Bending fatigue testing machine
  • Pin and disk apparatus
  • Vehicle Combustion Analyzer
  • Models and Charts for different Labs
Name Designation(AGP) Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr.  K.D. Gupta Professor (10000) Ph.D. Mechanical Design, Vibration, Rotodynamics, Tribology
Dr. Raj Kumar Professor (10000) Ph.D. Thermal , CFD
Dr.  R. Singh Professor (10000) Ph.D. Manufacturing Engg. CAD/CAM/CIM
Dr. R.K. Garg Professor (10000) Ph.D. System Design, Production & Industrial Engg.
Dr. M.N. Mishra  Professor (10000)  Ph.D. Product Engineering, Operation & Supply Chain Management, Modelling and Simulation of Manufacturing and supply chain.
Dr. R.K. Soni Professor (10000) Ph.D. Automobile Engg., CAD, Mechatronics, Reliability Engg.
Dr. A.K. Sharma Professor (10000) Ph.D. Thermal Engg (Heat Transfer, Nanofluids, Design of Thermal/Energy Systems, Gasifier-Engine Technology)
Dr. Suresh Verma Professor (10000)  Ph.D. Mechanical Design, Tribology & FEA
Dr. S.K. Jarial Assoc. Prof. (9000) Ph.D. Rotodynamic Machines & Industrial Engg
Dr. A.K. Gupta Assoc. Prof. (9000) Ph.D. Production & Industrial Engg.
Dr. Mahender Singh Assoc. Prof. (9000)  Ph.D. Industrial Engg. & Operation Management
Dr. Vikas Modgil Asstt. Prof. (7000) Ph.D. Manufacturing system Engg. Industrial Engg.
Sh. Rajneesh Kumar Asstt. Prof. (7000) M.Tech, Ph.D. (per suing) Rotodynamic Machines, Tribology
Dr. Ajay Kumar Asstt. Prof(6000) M.Tech, Ph.D. Rotodynamic Machines, Industrial Engg.
Dr. Amit Sharma Asstt. Prof. (6000) Ph.D. Thermal Engg., RAC, Heat Pipes, Green Tech. Energy conservation
Dr.Anil Narwal Asstt. Prof. (6000) M.Tech, Ph.D. Robotic Engg. , Dynamics Modeling of Physical System , Bond Graph Modeling Simulation
Sh. Pardeep Sharma Asstt. Prof. (6000) M.Tech, Ph.D. (per suing) Manufacturing & Automation
S.No. Name of theStaff Member Designation D.O.B. Highest Qualification DOJ the present post date of joining of the Institute
1 Sh. Mukesh Kumar Gupta Assistant Technical Officer (ATO) 10.03.63 AMIE(Mech) 6.12.91 6.12.91
2 Krishan Chand Lab. Tech.A Matric 22.08.2016
3 Sh. Azad Singh ATO 01.02.65 B.Tech., M.Tech. 10.3.95 10.3.95
4 Sh. Ashok Kumar Lab Tech’A’ 13.08.68 B.Com 01-09-94 01-09-94
5 Sh. Durga Prasad Sr. Draftsman ITI 18.08.92 18.08.92
6 Sh. Suresh Kumar Lab Tech ‘B’ 07.04.63 10+2, ITI 04-09-08 27-10-90
7 Sh. Kamal Kumar Lab Tech ’A’ 26.02.77 Dip. In Mech 17.07.09 17.07.09
8 Sh. Subhash Batra Lab Tech ‘B’ 06.04.64 Dip. In Mech. 22.07.09 22.07.09
9 Sh. Gopal Singh Lab Atten. 15.03.57 Matric 24-10-08 20-10-79
10 Sh. Ram Karan Lab Asstt. 10.04.57 Matric 01-10-92 05-10-10
11 Sh. Shish Ram Attendant 07.07.61 Matric 1.3.96 1.3.96
12 Ms. Usha Batra Clerk-cum-DEO 24.09.73 B.A.,M.Lib, Steno(Eng) 25.03.10 25.03.10
13 Ms. Sukesh Peon-cum-Attend. 04.09.80 Middle 22.09.10 22.09.10
14 Sh. Jasbir Lab Attendant M.Sc. 03.02.12