Women Cell

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Objective: To work for Gender- sensitive Campus

Gender is a major concern in the policies of government and UGC. Initially conceptualized as a platform for women harassment redressal cell in our educational institute (erstwhile CRSCE, Murthal), it grew into a Cell playing a catalyst for gender sensitization, knowledge sharing and women empowerment. Contributing to the visibility of gender issues, the Cell opens a genuine dialogue among scholars, activists, faculty, staff and students through talks, discussions, counseling and consultation.

The Cell envisages playing a significant role in:

Mobilising on women’s views and perspectives on important social issues

Questioning the existing biased and stereotypical notions, concepts those deny identity and respectable space to women

Assimilating gender consciousness into all systems of knowledge in order to progress towards a true gender sensitive society

Eliminating cultures of impunity, silence and complicity

Action Plan:

  • By arranging talks/ lectures/discussions on gender related issues
  • By playing Nukkad natak, documentaries and socially relevant movies to gender sensitise students/ staff and faculty in the university
  • By adopting colonies, villages to gender sensitise and make them aware of schemes, facilities of the government

Chairperson of the Cell:

Prof. Rekha, Department of Humanities

Members Women Cell:

Dr Aarti Deveshwar, Department of Mgt Studies

Dr Suman Sangwan, Department of Computer Sc & Engineering

 Location of the office, Women Cell:

Top Floor (on the Lift side) in Saraswati Library Complex

Contact No.: 0130-2484008

As a policy of zero tolerance on campus for gender based violence and harassment and strictly as per norms and guidelines of UGC to prevent and redress the complaints, the Cell has a dedicated Complaint Committee with the following constitution:

Prof. Rekha, Deptt. of Humanities                                   Chairperson

 Prof. Pratibha Chaudhary, Deptt. of Chemistry            Member

 Prof.S.K. Garg , Deptt. of Mathematics                           Member

 Dr Brijnandan Dahiya, Deptt. of MSNE                          Member

 Ms Neelam Dahiya, DR (Pur & Store)                              Member

Ms. Aarti, Assistant Prof. Mgt. Studies                            Member

Dr. Suman, Assistant Prof. CSE Deptt.                            Member

Dr Kamlesh Malik , Ex-Principal CRA College, SNP   Outside Member

Mrs Santosh Rathee, Principal, GSSS, Sonipat            Outside Member

Mrs Robin, Advocate , Sonipat                                         Outside Member

Any student, staff or faculty member may lodge a complaint against gender harassment in the ‘Complaint Register’ available in the office of Registrar