Minutes of AC

Minutes of 16th meeting of the Academic Council

Minutes of EC and AC

Minutes of 39th Meeting of the Executive Council held on 18.12.2020

Minutes of 15th meeting of Academic Council Updated on 28/08/2020

Minutes of  38th EC Meeting held on  29.11.2019

Minutes of  37th EC Meeting held on  29.03.2019

Minutes of  36th EC Meeting held on 05.03.2019

Minutes of  35th EC Meeting held on 11.10.2018

Minutes of 34th EC Meeting  held on 27.09.2018

Corrigendum: Minutes of the 33rd Meeting of Executive Council held on 14.05.2018

Minutes of  33rd EC Meeting 

Minutes of  31st EC Meeting &  32 EC Meeting 

API/CAS Proforma with 4th amendment approved by EC 

Minutes of   28th,  29th & 30th EC Meeting

Minutes of  EC 25th Meeting ,26th Meeting , 27th Meeting

Minutes of the  AC Meetings 8th AC 9th AC , 10th AC,  11th AC,  12th AC , 13th AC,  14th AC

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Minutes of the EC Meetings 16th to 20th Meetings

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